Welcome to the Pharmacology Mentoring Quiz Site

This site was developed to assist students in the learning and understanding of pharmacological principles and drug therapy. It is designed to augment mentoring sessions, held on-line and on-campus. Current features include: Pharmaquiz, Pharmaforum and Pharmacharts.

Pharmaforum, a discussion board, is our newest addition. This feature was added in response to the many questions posed by students. As the members of Pharmaforum increase, the discussion board will not only serve as a forum where student questions can be answered by the mentors of the program but also as a source of pharmacological information for future nursing students.

Pharmacharts are a collection of organizational, practice and review charts on a number of different drug classes. Use the review charts as a reference. Drug class templates are available for printing and can be used for individual organization of the various drug classes.

Pharmaquiz is a collection of 40 different quizzes on various pharmacological topics. Each quiz ends with a result page, with explanations of the answers to the quiz. Use the quizzes to determine your level of understanding and knowledge of the various topics. For maximum benefit, they should be taken after thorough study of the material.

The calendar is updated weekly (Sunday evening) for the current week’s events. Check the calendar for both on-line and on-campus mentoring times and places.